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1 Obama is an underdog? on Tue Oct 04, 2011 6:43 am


Could be. There is an unnamed "statute of limitations" on blaming your predecessors for your failures. Do we still blame the Jews for killing Jesus? Idiots do. If Obama had NOT promised so much and had NOT used those (I say) groundless promises to fuel his legislative efforts, we might have been able to let him slide. But Obamacare, regulatory reforms, and tax policies, loom like a giant, dark cloud on future hiring/investment and his stimulus plan is an utter catastrophe. While Obama fiddled with Medicaid, the economy burned. He is the incumbent and is using his travelling priviledge to campaign and he is politically adept. But I'll take bets that won't save him. I said here over 2 years ago,it wouldn't surprise me to see him act in a way that would almost guarantee him to be limited to one term. So, I'm not surprised.

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