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We’re standing at a crossroads, and where we go from here will decide the future trajectory of the United States of America. The future of this country’s economic health is being written even as we speak, and it’s going to be a battle; a battle of the people against the corporate and monied interests that have hijacked, or attempted to hijack, this nation’s democracy, through corporate influence, lobbying and the buying off of our elected officials. Voter depression, in a lot of states they are try to pass bills, that early voting will be no more some you have to show birth certificate, you have to have a valid drivers license, a id card won't work, all of this from The republicans who are trying to suppress voting,from the working class, and the poor,. This is happening here in the Land of The Free?? We are fighting two wars for Democracy in two countries and they are trying to suppress it here?? this pisses me off!! Of course the pugs know that most working,poor,blacks, Hispanic vote democrat, so their agenda, make it tough on them
even some of your tparty like the bach bitch, says poor people shouldn't have the right to vote,this is the same stupid woman that thinks the Buffet Law, is doing away with buffet's in restaurants!! DUH!! Do we really want someone who is this crazy to be president? NO!!! if she was and the red phone ring at 3 in the morning!! radical Bitch would probably click the button

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