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1 oreilly on a tear on Sat Sep 17, 2011 2:40 pm


welcome to the fascist TEAHADIST/KOCH-ISTANI NATIONS, the biggest CANCER on America.
'Gang of Six' Swells to 'Gang of 38' Senators Now Ready to Aid Super Committee
Two Conservative Myths: a) Tax cuts for the wealthy are the only effective solution for job creation. b) Government spending destroys job creation except in our military industrial complex. Bill O'Reilly has been on a tear lately to

2 Re: oreilly on a tear on Sat Sep 17, 2011 2:52 pm


Bill O'Reilly has been on a tear lately to help propagate those myths and his latest screeds have focused on our nation's "rampant taxation" even though many news outlets have been reporting that our tax rates haven't been this low since 1958. He had on two economic talkers immediately following the above TPM to discuss his fiendish ideas and they both disagreed with him profusely, but he's the Grand Poobah of the right-wing Villagers so I tune in so you don't have to. His solution is the flat tax con, gutting federal spending and adding a horrifying and regressive national sales tax of 2 percent on everything we consume so drug dealers will finally pay their fair share. But a funny thing happens to him when he speaks with economic bobble heads. Even ones that work for Fox. They all think he's ideas are loony. These myths never die; they are only perpetually transmitted.

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