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1 rain, and more rain, on Mon Sep 05, 2011 6:58 pm

rosco 357

wow , has it been raining here, i have watched it on the weather sight i go to, its just been one cell after the other coming across our county and where i live, and new cells have formed over me, they number them and u can read the stats on them, but i keep zooming in and hit storm tracks and it shows that cell and the direction it is going, i have been outside in the pouring rain,with a shovel, digging and cleaning out sediment where the water had been damned up next to the house, i got it so its running away from the house pretty good now, the gutter down spouts some i have put that black plastic big drain pipe on them long ago so if the gutter can handle the water, those drain pipes carry it away to where it will drain off, my lot is the highest one, but years ago i should have had more dirt brought in and had the yard touching the house built up so it would natually drain away, some places it does, but some it does not thats why i dug a drain path to where water was standing, up next to the house, its wind and rain all night and day , some places in my county they have closed the roads, lots of rain,,we are in a flash flood, but im glad i dont have to get out, i first got the shovel and did the back of the house but forgot to do the side of house which took a while and it rained hard, so i had to shower twice and change cloths, mine were sopping wet, im glad and surprised i got power, with the ground so wet the wind brings down trees, and get power lines but so far not even a blink, im surprised the basement usually in this kind of rain where the concrete block walls meet the concrete floor gets dark like its wet, but so far nothing, so getting the rain to drain away, has worked so far, but its still raining and may till sometimes tomorrow, besides the storm i think LEE we have front over us that is causing it to be worse, my daughter should have brought their boat home or got it out yesterday, they went to son in laws grandparents where his parents were rfrom my place , his grandparents have lived on the lake in a nice house for decades, its so bad it will be tough even pulling it home in the wind.. take care back later time for local new,, showing road and creeks,

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2 Re: rain, and more rain, on Mon Sep 05, 2011 7:00 pm


I wish a little bit more(rain) would come our way,we got a nice shower yesterday, but not near enough~but don't want flooding,I need to check with Sis in Hammond! they say they are getting pelted!

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