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1 Good things on Fri Sep 02, 2011 12:27 am


Blessings,rain,sunshine //Hey this might be a good game count your blessings/should we on the game board?

2 Re: Good things on Fri Sep 02, 2011 3:43 am

rosco 357

looks like a wet sunday and labor day with the tropical depression.. we need rain but i hate to cut grass, but it slows down this time of year , i have pine straw falling, probably because its been so dry, even the kudzu has stopped growing, lol, i took wed and thurs, off as vacation days and friday is an off day, so with labor day i have 6 days off but 2 are gone, will head for the lake friday, but i sleep late, just have lots of work when i get there , grass and maybe blow off the roof, just hope to finish and shower before some of the kids get there, take care will be back sunday,,, sometimes it depends on the weather

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