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1 What am I going to do with you night owls?? on Mon Aug 08, 2011 1:16 am


What am I going to do with you night owls?? LOL Y'all be checking in about 3 in the morning..lmao I'll be in dream land at that time. You need to learn to keep reasonable about your sleeping habits. You're suppose to wake up in the morning at 6:00 AM and eat breakfast with eggs bacon hash browns and toast and a glass of orange juice, then stay up until about 12:30 maybe THEN go to bed. You do the exact opposite. You come alive at 3 in the morning when you should be sleeping!! lol

Doesn't anyone start there day in the morning anymore at 6 AM like you're suppose to do??

When you wake up you're supposed to hear a rooster crow, see and hear a new day beginning. You're like Vampires.



Love that analogy!
Tyler.some of us like the England ,have different times frame

Then there are some like me,that are night owls!
you can always kick in when you log on,are you a coffee drinker? if so perk you one:)jump in!

I always hear a rooster crow,in my country atmosphere/sometimes I ignore!

rosco 357

i have not got up at 6 am in 30 years, lol, matter of fact, i clock out at work at either 3 am or 5 am, usually some of each. every week,with about a 45 minute drive home, then shower, and a few things, so i either get to bed at 5 am or 7 am,, and i keep the the same body block on weekends, its more healthy to not change ur body clock, the ppl that live the shortest lives are ppl that work swing shifts studies have shown , or they change shifts every couple weeks,, i think the honda plant does that, but staying up late suits me, i always liked sleeping late even as a kid, and watching the Tonight show late at nite in my bedroom, with johnny carson,

Candy Cottingham

Aint no Roosters around here...we don't keep Chickens anymore.

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