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1 new tv shows, on Sun Jul 31, 2011 3:44 am

rosco 357

there are some shows on friday nites i think the history channel that are growing on me, first is 'american pickers', they were in florida friday nite,on old sand back roads, 2 guys that grow on you go around in a big van type truck, and they go to places that ppl collect all kinds of thing, antiques and junk and like old motorcycles, old signs,old toys,, they bargain back and forth on the price,then they tell at the end of the show how much they sold it for and the profit on each item they buy, the next one is " pawn stars" ppl bring in old things they kept in their family , old civil war guns to just about everything, and usually sell it , and the pawn ppl dicker on the price, i just like the items they deal with, sometimes they call in an expert on some items to see if they are original or fake.
the other show is " american restoration" ppl bring things to sell or have restored, but i have not seen that show much, just once i think but they are getting real popular, anyway, it makes me think of what i have thats old, lol, i know i have old LP's from the 60s, to my grandaddys carbide lamp he wore on his cap that he used to frog gigged with, i had some carbide and i had it working when i was a kid, and i have my grandaddys bambo hexagon shape rod ,, fly rod, i learned to use it and did as a kid on the pond in the community we lived in,it has an old shakespere reel, it maybe getting close to 100 years old now,anyway these history channel shows will get u hooked, if u like old stuff, and interesting things..

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I've seen the Pawn Stars show and it is good. Its interesting to see what people bring in. Its like the older and better condition its in its worth more. I've seen some episodes where people bring in old guitars, thats cool. I don't know if I have anything vintage that would be worth much. I have albums and all my Dad's things but I wouldn't sell them. My Dad used to paint pictures when he was a teenager but they are only valuable to our family. I have some old tools my dad had that might bring a good price, but I don't want to part with them.

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rosco 357

i have several thing from world war II my dad had, i have his class A dress uniform in a storage bag, and jap money, and brass knucles that has a double bladed removable knife with it, and a slap jack as i think for a while he as an MP.. most of those will go to my youngest grandson, as i gave his jap rifle he sent home to my oldest grandson and a cover with his story and all the info in the jap rifle, i printed off the internet, and i gave him one of daddy dog tags, but saved the other for my other grandson, it hangs on the rifle, its in a oak and glass door gun case that hold about 15 rifles, , i knew it would be well kept and he is older, colby will have to get older as to know what he is getting so i will wait, i have my class A uniform also, i guess i will give to one, i studied it and actually daddy told me the brass knuckles with the double edge removable knife said it was a world war I trench knife, they issued to him, but im not sure, but he had to sand of U.S. so he could get it passed the guy checking stuff when he got out, but that killed the value, it if it had the US still on it would be worth more than the jap rifle, lots of those were shipped home, i probably have said all this, lol take care

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My Dad had one of those jap rifle's too he brought back after he finished his service in the Army. I don't know the story behind it and why he had it. Maybe you know because your Dad had one too. My Dad was in the Army Band and was stationed in Germany for about 2 years I think it was. My Mom flew to Germany to be with him they had just gotten married before he left.. I wasn't born yet. Back then they allowed people in the band if they were married and there wife comes to be close to them in another country, they can stay at the house there wife is staying at, but they have to report every morning to the Army station and spend the day there. So my Dad got to leave the Army station at night and go home to his wife, my mother at her house she was staying at. They had two Christmas's there in Germany together. They had a Christmas tree too. I have pictures of them in Germany and my Dad in his Army uniform with his crew cut haircut. My Mom was so pretty in a dress next to him. They were very much in love. My Dad never remarried after my Mom died, he wasn't interested to be with anyone else but my Mom.

It was like a job in Germany for him, but run by the Army. He worked for the Army band. I don't know if people can still go home at night with there wife's now in that situation, but he was allowed to. They both came back to the United States together after he finished his service on a military ship. They experienced heavy storms on the way home and everyone on the ship was sick including the people running the ship. It was a miserable trip home for them. I guess the ships weren't as big and steady as they are today, or the one they was on was just small. I don't know. But they made it to New York and the first thing they did was go to a restaurant and sit down, and they said "Its nice to be back the United States". Something like that. But they actually enjoyed there stay in Germany, took many pictures. It was almost like a vacation for them. My Dad was not in war time so he never seen any action.

My Moms parents didn't want her to go to Germany to be with him during his time there, they wanted her to wait till he came home in a few years, but my Mom insisted she wanted to be with her husband so she raised the money for a flight ticket and made the arrangements. When she landed at the airport in Germany my Dad was waiting for her with a big smile on his face, my Mom said that was the nicest thing she ever seen. Being in a country you never been to before and seeing her husband smiling at her. A familiar face. Its a romantic story if I was to tell the whole thing. But thats the basics of it..

They came back to the US and had two kids, my brother first and then me. I am the youngest by 3 years.

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