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1 Beast of Kandahar on Sat Jul 23, 2011 11:54 pm

rosco 357

i was watching on discovery channel , a show about the KILLING OF OSAMA, that actually was the name of the show,and it took u through the event, it showed how we watched this compound with satellites. and drones, like the preditor, but they can be seen by radar, but can stay over a target for hours, but it showed a new stealth drone that looks like a very small b-2 wing bomber, a new drone called THE BEAST OF KANDAHAR , i found it on utube by that name, they used it in the killing of osama as it is stealth, when spying on the compound, anyway i will post the video, this is jet powered as the other drones like the reaper and preditor, are not i dont think, the show said seal 6 was the team that got bin laden,and they are the elite and get their pic of all the weapons that come out, as they used stealth helicopers along with other helicopers, it was a shoot to kill operation not a take prisoner operation, and were glad he did not throw up his hands but they shot his wife and him,shot him once in the shoulder, the second shot to left eye, that took the top of his head off, they got a 99.9 percent match on DNA with his siblings in saudi arabia. to make sure it was him, anyway here is the video on the new drone steath plane, i dont know what firepower it has, but the preditor has hellfire missles, this one may have more, i dont know, i think this was deployed earlier than the videos state, if i understood them correct..i bet we have weapon systems that are classified that we have no idea what they are and can do..vid as follows

2 Re: Beast of Kandahar on Sun Jul 24, 2011 12:18 am


Wow amazing,, That's the future of jet navigation in action. Computers will fly the jets.

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