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1 Liza Minnelli, 'American Idol' Needs You on Sun Jun 26, 2011 3:47 pm

rosco 357

words : this was just on aol welcome screen, i dont have an opinion...except i dont get to watch anyway, but i would rather watch stevie nicks, but i dont know what criteria they used,

Liza Minnelli, what are you doing on the 'Today' version of 'The Voice'? A woman of your talent and celebrity should not be judging a morning show knockoff of a new hit reality show.

Nothing against Hoda and Kathie Lee -- they're awesome -- but come on. Liza's talents are needed elsewhere, like on a real reality competition.

'The Voice' has its dynamic down with Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine coaching, but there's a long-in-the-tooth singing show that needs the spunk at judges table that Liza could provide. Yes, I'm talking about 'American Idol.'

With Jennifer Lopez unsure about her future with the Fox series (she has yet to sign a new contract, is in the running for several film roles and 'Idol' auditions are starting up next week), Liza would be the perfect replacement. She's got the respect of her industry peers, she's zany and unpredictable and she's well versed in all forms of entertainment, something today's 'American Idol' contestant needs to be.

And think about the chemistry between Liza, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson -- it'd be awesome. Plus, if Steven Tyler can perform every once in a while, then feasibly Liza could, too. America needs more live Liza.

Since getting Liza is (probably) a long shot, we would also accept these people as J.Lo replacements:

Stevie Nicks. She was gold when she performed, America is still under her spell.

Cheryl Cole. She's already got the Fox publicity images and buzz.

Mariah Carey. She was supposedly in some sort of talks with Simon Cowell for 'The X Factor,' but she'd be just as welcome on 'American Idol.'

Seriously, snatch her up, Fox!

2 Re: Liza Minnelli, 'American Idol' Needs You on Sun Jun 26, 2011 3:55 pm


I think Liza would be a great replacement. I don't really like Jennifer Lopez. I don't dislike her but I find her annoying. I don't like her music one little bit and I don't think shes pretty. I don't even like the sound of her voice. But shes probably a nice person.

Liza would be my pick. However, I agree with rosco Stevie Nicks would be great too.

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