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1 eXCITEMENT on Thu Jun 09, 2011 12:23 pm


We had a bit of excitement last night.we were wondering who was opening the shed door, stealing dog food, fish food and bird seed
turning over flower pots tearing down bird feeder,humming bird feeders, we thought we had a prowler?

well it was !a furry one~we caught it last night in the trap sit with peanut butter, A big Raccoon.Jerry took it to the woods this morning and freed it ,last year they at a big corn patch, we got maybe a dozen ears off before they ate it all~

2 Re: eXCITEMENT on Thu Jun 09, 2011 11:12 pm


Yeah Raccoons can be problem. At our old house we had a bunch of Raccoons running thru the neighborhood. We had to call animal control and they set traps to catch them. I think we caught about four in a week. Where I live now I havent seen any Raccoons. Although we live more outside the city now you would think there would be more Raccoons here but there aren't. We have horses close by and a rooster there that crows every morning. lol In fact he crows all day sometimes. Hes quiet at night.

3 Re: eXCITEMENT on Fri Jun 10, 2011 11:00 pm

rosco 357

when i come home from work like 3:30 am,almost every nite i see Raccoons . coyotes, and possums and armadillos,and deers...a few nites i saw like 6 deers in ppls front yards just a few house from me, , the armadillos have worked there way hear several years ago and at the lake tear up the ground digging for grub worms, at the lake we also have ground hogs, living under the big rocks,, i see them some early in the morning, but i usually sleep kinda late there too like 9 or 10 am,we use to have a beaver problem at the lake but not in a few years now, take care.

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