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The End off the World prediction for May 21st is spreading all over the internet, but it is not what you think it is. The May 21st End of the World prediction only applies to those who will be saved on Judgment Day 2011 in the Rapture. Those who arenít saved in the May 21 Rapture will suffer a different fate, and an End of the World date 5 months after May 21st.

May 21st Judgement Day is going to be the decisive day when Jesus returns for the Rapture. True believers will be brought to Heaven, and that will be the End of The World for the approximately 3,000,000 people will be saved, according to Harold Camping.

Nothing is going to happen because the whole idea is ridiculous. Mindless people that choose not to think for themselves are buying into this crap. Some have sold there homes. cars, and everything they have thinking the rapture will be tomorrow. Why they bothered to sell them I have no idea. What's the point? People are taking it to extreme. Its insane. I am always fascinated at people that can be influenced like that. Its a sort of insanity in my opinion. Absolutely insane.

See y'all tomorrow...

Candy Cottingham

"The End of the World is Nigh"....on such a date....
But not in Australia They are a day behind us...or is it in front.

Yes I think it was Nostradamus who thought that one up. (can't spell his name but it was a long time ago.)

The date keeps being changed by different people. One was a Pastor...he possible preached Fire and Brimstone.

All a scare tactic to bring people under control.

Note; Childrens Brains are not fully developed until they are about 20 years old.

rosco 357

the bible says, than no man should try to predict the time that Jesus will return, or words to that effect, i cant quote it. its probably in Revelations. so these ppl should not try to predict the return of Christ, what they are doing is wrong, Revelations is complicated, i have gone to sermons on it for several sundays, but i still dont know alot about it i should know more. but as a Christian i dont worry about it. it will not be a problem for me as a Christian, if u read books which i dont, the
"Left Behind" series of books is suppose to be good, my x read them all and i think one of my daughters may have..this is NOT debate able. either as a Christian u believe or u dont, and all believes either way i have always respected. and treated with respect. well i got off work at 11:30 pm got home about 12:30 and have showered and washed 2 loads of cloths, and it almost 2 am, will watch a movie then bed but i usually fall sleep on the couch, lol,take care,


Well I won't debate you on it because you know my position on the bible and I know yours. No reason to get into a debate about it. But for the record I want to make it perfectly clear that I do not believe a word the bible says and I certainly don't believe in any rapture. It will never happen because it was all made up.

I'm done here

rosco 357

sure as i said i know ur feelings and u know mine, take care, im done also

Candy Cottingham

There is no God

The Bible is a series of History books...

The Adam and Eve Story was originally somewhere in the middle.
But was put at the front to explain where we come from.

The Indian Sanskrit Bible is the oldest.

If you study the Universe you will get better answers.

We can go back in time...light the Universe to where it began.
The further you travel the more back in time you can go.

We have pictures of the Universe with no Stars...just gas and chemicals.

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