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1 The Social Network on Fri Mar 18, 2011 3:57 pm

rosco 357


i got the movie fighter with mark walburg from redbox,it should be good like 96 percent of the ppl that saw it liked it, , and went to the sight to read how ppl liked it while at the sight i read about the top movie there SOCIAL NETWORK , its about the internet , i think story of how facebook came about, and i think lawsuits, but it also gave me a chance to post the url to the sight i use to check movies,, this is not the start page u can click DVD at the top i think to get to the start page, i thought gypsy may want to put this sight or the startpage in her bookmarks, it has a place on this left of the page i think to click trailer, to watch social network, as i follow the trailer, it was like college student that started facebook, or either facebook sued him for his web sight, i did not watch the trailer but once. anyway,, it was about the internet so i thought tyler may want to check the trailer of this movie, and remimd tyler if he gets the chance watch Secretariat, but to see the sight click DVD at the top and i think it takes u to the front or start page or home page, whatever u call it to see what all info it has on DVDs, lots of options there, and gypsy may want to save the home page to bookmarks,

2 Re: The Social Network on Fri Mar 18, 2011 9:50 pm

rosco 357

i got the movie social networks, and will watch it late tonight or tomorrow nite,and let u know if its good, and whats its about, and if it based on a true story or must fiction,

3 Re: The Social Network on Sat Mar 19, 2011 5:08 pm

rosco 357

rosco 357 wrote:i got the movie social networks, and will watch it late tonight or tomorrow nite,and let u know if its good, and whats its about, and if it based on a true story or must fiction,

i watch the movie Social Network, it was good., about a student at harvard that was a genius on computers, and one night after break up with this girlfriend, he went to his dorm and hacked all sorority's and got the female pictures , and put 2 side by side , and i think asked which one was better looking or i did not follow that part, and trashed his GF that broke up with him, anyway, he got 22,000 hits in one hour at 4 am.and it overloaded the havard serve and it crashed, he was disciplined for that, but 2 rich brothers saw how good he was and got him to write code and start a sight called Harvard Connection, so the students could interact on the web . well he went to work but did not do what they asked, he wrote, THE FACEBOOK. with harvard ppl . those guys sued him for stealing their idea, so the story was told through the testimony in a coming law suit. anyway he had a financial major friend that had a share in facebook, and the sight went online and grew, they decided to go out to other colleges ivy league and stanford, he moved to california to be with the guy that made Napster, and he had ideas. he told the student to drop the The and call it just Facebook, and the napster guy got it in other countries and a part of the company . anyway, during a break in the testimony, there was a sympathetic jury expert lady, that said they are in there making a settlement, she told him to pay it what ever, that it would in the long run be just a traffic ticket, he had to pay them 65 million bucks and his friend that had got screwed somehow, in his share, got something and his original shares..I know it has changed since this info came out when the movie came out and now its on dvd, so its dated, but facebook then had over 500 million members world wide, and a worth of 25 billion bucks, this student that started it all held the majority of the company and is the youngest billionaire, i forget in the world or US, it was well written, i have never been to facebook , and dont intend to go, but the movie was really good. but i have seen better,

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Sounds like a good movie. I like the Google story too and how all that happened, I don't think its a movie yet but it should be. Google now owns YouTube as most everyone knows. Google was started by a college student that had an idea for a search engine site. He now of course is a multi billionaire.

Facebook I hate, I will never go there again. I did about a year ago and left and never went back after I heard about all the hackers and spyware that goes on there. There is news almost every week about facebook scams. I want nothing to do with facebook. But I would watch the movie.

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