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1 THE NEXT 3 DAYS /WITH RUSSEL CROWE on Mon Mar 14, 2011 3:55 am

rosco 357

just finisihed a movie i got at red box,named THE NEXT 3 DAYS, the sight i go to did not rate it good, 65 percent of the ppl liked it that watched, and voted at the sight. so i was not expecting much, but after the first half hour, u cant stop watching it, talking about a nail biter or suspenseful. it has Russel Crowe in it u will be on the edge of ur seat the longer the movie goes, . i thought i was going to be disappointed but it was great. they had his wife in prison for murder is all i will say.he was raising his small son, it one of those movies u try to help them run lol, well worth the rent..its got so many details, someone did a good screenplay or whatever u call it,,,

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