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rosco 357

this was on aol welcome screen , im not watching american idol this year so this is the first thing i saw,
video at bottom.

Steven Tyler has one of the most impressive ranges in the history of modern music. And yet, one performer on 'American Idol' (Tue., 8PM ET on FOX) leaves him in awe. After Jacob Lusk's performance of Luther Vandross' 'A House Is Not a Home,' Tyler was left subdued, but no less enthusiastic, in his praise.

"I'm honored -- honored to be in your presence," he said sincerely. "You make me cry when you sing. I don't know where you get it from but I will bathe in it."

Lusk first wowed the judges and audiences in Hollywood when he belted out a song so powerfully that he was left exhausted and in tears. This performance wasn't nearly so over the top, but it was no less impressive for Lusk's control and passion in both his lower and upper registers.


WOW!! what a voice,I love Stephen Tyler!


gypsy wrote:WOW!! what a voice,I love Stephen Tyler!
That singer in the video is not Steven Tyler in case you didn't know. Steven Tyler is one of the judges of American Idol and is also the lead singer of the band Aerosmith. This is Stephen Tyler:


I know Stephen is not the video//I will say if you are not watching American Idol~~ The best talent.I have ever saw on the years they have had the show~

What was mean't by me,is I love him being a judge/and love most of his songs~ Razz

rosco 357

i did not get into the show this year since im working nights, i could record it, but have not, but i always loved the show when i was off, and i think they did good on picking the new judges... take care

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