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This is from a friend of mine that he posted on his forum years ago, he is not with us anymore but I went there to remember him today, here is one of his posts. Before I post it I want to say he was an inspiration to me and influenced the way I think today, and the way I write sometimes. OK, enough said, here is his post:

I was always amused when people would tell me that they listened to what I had to say, but disagreed with me – it amused me because they assumed it would surprise me.

I was never troubled by people who held different beliefs – only those who really did not know why they believed what they did.

I loved tormenting the “talking snake” crowd – the fundamentalists. It was easy, because I knew the material better than they did I read the book, and thought about what it said – it was like shooting fish in a barrel. I never tried to convert them to my way of thinking, I just enjoyed making them squirm.

Recently I listened to one of a series of knock down, drag out shows I did with Rabbi Bresky. Jan was a good guy, and he was as sincere as the day was long. I tore him apart – backed him into one corner after another. After listening to the show, I felt dirty. I was exercising my intellectual superiority – demanding proof of things that I knew could not be proven – things that only exist deep within ones heart and soul.

I, of course, am vehemently anti-religion – but I do not look down my nose at people of faith. That may be hard for others to reconcile, but it makes perfect sense to me. I dislike the salesmen, not the customers. I respect the believer who is searching for answers – I detest the one who thinks he has found them.

Much the same can be said for those who hold differing political views. We all long for peace and prosperity – it’s how we achieve that goal that is a point of contention. My fight comes with the crowd who want to mix religious beliefs – no matter the religion – with politics. Or with the gang that cannot, will not think about the ramifications of their politics on the least among us. But the truth be known, very few of the people who disagreed with me feel into either category.

In fact, we really didn’t differ all that much – it just seemed that way because I always asked questions – how else can you come to a conclusion if you don’t ask tough questions? Hell, I ask them of myself all the time…

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Candy Cottingham

Why should one person berate another...(because the object is power.)
We are all in the pecking birds.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum ...agreed to disagree...somethiing like that.
(Should I be allowed to disagree..only with permission) or being asked for an opinion.

We are all evolving and can change our mind.

We have been conditioned ...if you tell a person something enough times they will start to believe you.

Programing the brain....

The truth is as we see it...

Our Three Basic instincts are spring and above all SURVIVAL

exercising intellectual superiority ....well experience is important.

Trying not to hurt your fellow man ...would be top prioty to me.

Be kind to yourself ....nobody is perfect.

I am not vehemently anti-religion...I have just made my own mind up in a later stage of life.
Religion was brought about for a purpose ...To control the masses...who possible needed some guidance.

I have found no ridged answers ....I know nuffink I tell yer....I feel guided my instinct.

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OK, I'm going to explain a little about my friend who posted that message, his name is Bob Lassiter. He was a talk show radio host that had his own show here in Florida. I called in several times and was live on the This is not me talking to Bob but a funny caller that called into Bobs radio show. Take a listen and hear what he sounds like. I remember this when it was happening live, I was at work and we had the radio on listen to his show. We were rolling on the floor. There are other great broadcasts he did on religion. I post those later. Check out this funny caller. Bob is the host and the guy in the pics

Another Bob Lassiter video is below this one:

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Here is more Lassiter:

Bob Lassiter - Lunch with God

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