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1 did yall see on Fri Feb 18, 2011 9:03 pm

rosco 357

this broke on a sports show from here but his show is on sirus radio also, the paul finebaum show, he has been on like 20 something years, some goofball tide fan an old man called the show and announced he did it, he did not care if he was arrested, he knew when he called the talk show he was giving himself away, well its on cnn now also and paul was today interviewed on cnn, what he did, is in auburn they have tumers corner, (spelling) its a corner in auburn which has 2 very old and huge i think oak trees,and businesses, and when auburn does something good, like win a big game or the nat, champ, hundreds of ppl go and roll the trees , its a tradition for many decades, well this guy claimed they rolled it when bear bryant died, which paul did not believe, but may have happened, but whatever, he reflects bad on other tide fans, THIS GUY live 35 miles from auburn, and he named the poison he used and he poison both those huge trees, he used a ton more poison than was needed, when he said that on the radio,what he had done, the trees and ground were examined and all by experts, and the trees will die, no way to save them, he is a nutcase, but its always been a tough rivalry,many years ago they talked of ending it because it got so rough and play every so many years in rotation, like some sec teams do, and that again has come up, someone said nic sabans boat house at his plush place on the lake in georgia was painted orange and blue, but i dont know if thats true, just some guy at work talking, someone put a cam newton teeshirt on the bear bryant statue in birmingham at Legion Field where the rivalry was always played till it was change to the schools, but that is no big deal, he used that for an excuse also,, nut case that reflects bad on tide fans, take care

2 Re: did yall see on Sat Feb 26, 2011 9:41 am


No I never heard that story. Yeah he sounds like a nutcase alright. But I have to admit that poisoning the trees is funny..

Wow, some people take sports too far.

3 Re: did yall see on Fri Mar 04, 2011 3:59 am


Oh Yes!! a nut case!

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