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1 winter on Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:27 pm

rosco 357

wow what a terrible winter. been a wet cold winter here, not alot of snow, only just enough many times to mess traffic up, our interstate system has the main interchange in the city, we call it malfunction junction, many different interstates intersecting with most going over the other with lots of overpasses some very long, so our temps have been just below freezing many times, so if its snowing or freezing rain,or sleet, the overpasses have air under them so they freeze quick and first, and ur on ice, and wrecks galore, and its terrible getting to work,im sure the body repair car shops have lots of business, we live on a fine ,line of moisture and temps having to be just right and this year, for hazardous driving has been the worst. i went out today, to the mail box without thinking and the steps still were covered with ice, but i did not fall, lol, usually we get nothing or one small snow and every so many years a good snow, but this mess keeps coming, they call it a winter mix. i know the ppl up north are use to lots of snow and they are having a tough winter also.

2 Re: winter on Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:36 pm


Here in Central FL we have a interchange called "malfunction junction" also, alot of main roads over pass, etc.

Well its 79 here right now with some cloud cover, really a very nice day, supposed to get to 80 they say. I'm not trying to rub it but I heard yesterday Florida was the only state that did not have freezing weather that day.

3 Re: winter on Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:51 pm

rosco 357

it started coming down yesterday, they closed some bridges on I459 . and showed an aerial view of the intestate, well i left an hour early, called a guy at work , one in the background said i would never make it through the junction, and we have lots of other overpasses,and bridges that freeze but i was lucky, i got in the left lane out of about 4 or 5 and it started miles back but kept moving, just creeping along, and it was not frozen much yet , but slippery, but it was solid cars, but kept creeping and i made it, i had to not swing off on another freeway down the line but keep going and get off and go another way once i was close, but i left just after 2 to start work at 4:30 usually i leave at 3, but i go to work early incase of wrecks that clog u the traffic also,i have a 30 mile drive one way. well rambling again, take care,

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