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1 The Rude Man on Sat Jan 29, 2011 10:27 am

Candy Cottingham

There are a lot of white horses carved on Chalk hillsides and the majority are in Wiltshire. RAF Compton Bassett near Calne in Wiltshire. You can see a really big one carved into the hillside just outside the barracks. This is also quiet close to Stonehenge.
The one in Dorset is in Orpington near Weymouth and this is the only one in the country with a rider.

Another fact, the famous Hovis advert was also filmed there. A lot thought it was filmed somewhere in Yorkshire but it was done on Gold Hill in the village of Shaftesbury Dorset.

I dig up large lumps of chalk in our garden.
You can write on the pavement with it. I would possible get fined for doing that now. No more hopscotch for us!

The chalk man (Cerne Giant in the village of Cerne Abbas) and it's amazing just how big he is close up. (60 metres high and 50 metres wide) He was supposed to be used for a fertility symbol. Infertile women would sit on him then they would supposedly become pregnant. He is supposed to be 1500yrs old but wasn't mentioned till the 1600's. This was supposedly because the people of Dorset were too embarrassed to let the rest of the country know about him.
Here endeth todays history lesson..........LOL

He is known as "The Rude Man"
on the Downs of Dorset
Fertility symbol...very old. Carved in a Chalk hill
Apparently he wants cleaning up...covered in moss.
During the war they camouflaged him.

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