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1 These events in Egypt could be devastating on Sat Jan 29, 2011 4:33 am

rosco 357

MY WORDS :what is going on in Egypt. could get real serious to our economy and our stability in the region, there. Egypt has been a good friend since the Camp David Accords , Jimmy Carters deal, oil is already going up and stock markets falling, hopefully it will get better, its not a good time for extremist Muslims to use this to get a stronger foothold in Egypt. i did not post a news article, its all over the news, im sure its hard to miss, take care. the camp david accords probably cost Anwar Sadat the then president of Egypt his life in his assignation, when he signed them, the protestors are picking up tear gas cannisters, as they showed on tv, and in writing they say made in the USA , thats not good..

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