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1 Ferrante & Teichers theme from Exodus on Sun Jan 23, 2011 2:21 am

rosco 357

"Exodus, a brilliant film directed by Otto Preminger, in 1960. Its theme song has been lauded as one of the greatest pieces of music ever directed "... not my words,

my words i have this 1960s album and many more that were my dads, he got a stereo when they first became popular to mass market, it even came with a demo record that showed the difference in stereo over previous high fidelity. i really liked an orchestra version of this movie theme better, but the song on the album of many movie themes i have here is Ferrante & Teicher and my dad loved them.. i think i have a Ferrante & Teicher album . i was only 9 and i still have all his albums.

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