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1 Duel in the Desert on Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:04 pm

rosco 357

well game time is half hour away, Oregon vs. Auburn for the national champ, im no auburn fan, but if they win, that mean the state had the championship 2 years in a row, as Alabama won it last year vs. newton will have to have a good game but he usually does, 6' 6" and runs like a deer, and throws good also,,, im sure he will go pro, and i hope he does, bama was up 24 points on them and cam brought auburn back the second half to win by one point. he carries the team, but auburn has a great defensive lineman whos name escapes me at the moment,, i think he won the Vince Lombardi trophy.. even though its my state its hard for me to pull for auburn, the saying by alabama fans is if auburn is playing iran, we pull for iran, lol, take care

2 Re: Duel in the Desert on Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:50 pm


rosco 357 wrote:cam newton will have to have a good game but he usually does, 6' 6" and runs like a deer,
Of course he runs like a deer he's a NEGRO! They all run fast it comes natural to them. They learned from spear chucking and running thru the Africa forests. They are great at basketball as you might have noticed. That's because they have rhythm and are used to jumping over logs and things. The African Negro is a natural athlete. In Football the White Man usually plays the quarterback position becuase they are more intelligent than the Negro...

Kidding of course, but its funny..

3 Re: Duel in the Desert on Tue Jan 11, 2011 2:41 am

rosco 357

well i have a real hard time pulling for auburn. we have lived cam newton all season, bama had them down 24 to 0 and should have won,bama lost by one point, but auburn just played better the second half, bama i think when they beat michigan st. 49 to 7 in orlando, was as good as any team in the nation. but auburn was good this year, as hard as it is to pull for auburn, its also hard not to pull for an SEC team, i was listening to a national sports radio show, that originates from Birmingham, and its on sirus radio so its nation wide, and has nation wide callers., and some guy called in and said how he is so tired of hearing about the SEC, this and SEC that, and oregon will put the SEC in its place, so for that reason im glad another SEC team won. i just hope cam goes pro, but glad he did not score at the last and the kicker won the game. this will help auburn recruit, in this state, and georgia and florida, thats mainly where they get their players,so for that i hate they won, so im torn, on how i feel but still i have to be glad an SEC team beat another conference.

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