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1 Remembering on Fri Dec 31, 2010 11:17 pm


I as some of you know, often times make some posts that are heart-felt and sensitive to me. I've always done this when its something I feel strongly about. Sometimes I delete them over a period of time sometimes I don't. Its my forum and I will always do this and express my feelings. Its my belief this forum will outlive me and I'm happy about that. All my posts are documented and will still be here long after I'm gone. As will yours. This forum for lack of a better word, is my diary. Everything about me is somewhere on this forum. My thoughts at the moment, or me being silly or sarcastic are all part of who I am and are spread out throughout this wonderful forum.

OK, with that out of the way I want to express my feelings on this New Years Eve 2010.

I Want to express what my Dad meant to me. I want to express how I felt as a little boy sitting with the audience at one of his community orchestra concerts. He played first trumpet for the band. I was a little boy sitting with my Mom in a nice concert hall. I was very proud of my Dad. At intermission time halfway through the concert I would go backstage with all the other musicians where my Dad was and give him a big hug. I was so proud of him. Before I could go backstage I would have to tell the security I was the son of my Dad. Being so little I suspect they thought I was safe and telling the truth. I was, and they let me in. But I can't stop remembering those times in my childhood, and I don't want to stop, its all I have now. As do we all, memories.

Just doing a little reminiscing tonight.

Everyone have a happy New Year, and thank you for joining this forum and being a part of our community. I appreciate everyone of you. You are my online family. :)

2 Re: Remembering on Sat Jan 01, 2011 1:58 am


Very Nice Tyler, I enjoyed reading that
I have some sad memories tonight 17 years ago my son was killed in a trucking accident, but I am ok I just try an remember all the wonderful times we had in the 24 years of his life.

I have
BEEN BlESSED Many times
even though I have some tragic ,difficult things has happened.
I am, I think a better person for what i have gone through
Thank you for this forum ,AND the ability for me to express myself here
God Bless
And Happy New Year~

3 Re: Remembering on Sat Jan 01, 2011 11:51 pm

rosco 357

thanks tyler for the forum, i know lots of work has gone into it. i as u know also miss my dad. he died in 88, and i miss him still, and many things i miss, but i have had a good life, and lots to be thankful for. i wish i could have changed some things of course, but we hall have that, anyway,thanks again, i feel comfort coming here. all of yall take care and my hope is each of us have a good 2011 . and we all get and stay healthy.

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