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1 Decorated on Sun Nov 28, 2010 12:33 am


Put up Christmas tree, a real one Balsam fir~ it is decorated, living room finished for Christmas decorations,next porch and outside, then kitchen/bedrooms

2 Re: Decorated on Sun Nov 28, 2010 3:44 pm

rosco 357

all i do now is put a reef on the front door. i have a dark teal colored door same as the shutters, so i have a white reef, i have not put up a tree in a few years, im not home much and not at all around Christmas, but my sister decorated the day after thanksgiving while i was there, the dentist she has worked for , for many years give them each year some kinda collectible lighted little house, churches and all types of building, that are lighted, she has so many its hard to find places to put them on the mantle and all tables, i dont know their name but i think they cost a good bit. i have had great Christmases in my life, i miss those and the kids being small and playing Santa,i always loved the staying up late, putting things together. and decals galore, on some riding things, got my sister familys presents bought she did some for me and i did one, a dvd player for my nephews camper, she got the rest, for me, i will give my kids and grandkids money, except for the youngest and i have already gave my daughter money to buy his stuff. i would not have a clue .

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