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I want to bring this up again~what our president has to endure/lies//funny bush created lies and got away with it//I think Obama was smart in not prosecuting/bush/cheney//go forward is good//but the pugs will not support that.the first thing bonehead/orange man,mitch want is to impeach./or make
sure Obama will not seek second term..these people that vote mitch, sessions so forth are they STUPID? do these losers really help the state//I know
I am stepping on toes/BIG DEAL!!someone needs to stomp them at this point I don't care/Wake up South/America
how long did it take for the south to wake up on slavery//I think most of them are still prejudice~I think slavery in the south would still be prevalent//if the war went the other way..the south I think hates having a black president/and many other states do//

it is sad,I can see why some of the south are consider red necks/prejudice

ok I vented~

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