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1 We have a chance to shine on Sun Nov 14, 2010 1:46 am


We have a chance to shine a light on a bad Washington habit that wastes billions of taxpayer dollars. We have a chance to advance the interests of the American people and to put our country on the path of fiscal discipline and responsibility that will lead to a brighter economic future for all.
Weekly Address: Exports & Earmarks
President Obama calls on Congress to address earmarks—items inserted into spending bills without adequate review. The President has time and again called for earmark limitations, and the administration has put in place higher standards of transparency, including
my words
also on the taxe's expiring.Obama states he will not compromise to hurt middle class
also the t'party stands for nothing,they fill a seat that really is vacant, but it might upset the pugs,I think these t'party people will not go along with pugs,they want their own party but they have no substance. like the pugs they stand for nothing~

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