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1 INCOME TAX DEPARTMENT on Fri Nov 12, 2010 1:16 pm

Candy Cottingham

This is just to remind you of the honest people of the IT Deptt who make sure the Govt is aware that you are an existing citizen of this country. Very Kind of them.
The only grace is that from your birth till you start earning you are nobody, unless they make your parents pay tax for you !
Let me tell you a short story. There was a mela in a small town in which a hefty Pahalwan (wrestler) had a stall. He challenged that any one who can squeeze a glass of lemon juice from one lemon will be given Rs one lac. A few tried, knowlingly, but failed. The Pahalwan said, " What? No competitor ?"
Somebody in the crowd wanted a little fun. He pushed a puny fellow in the front and said this gentleman will do it. Every one in the audience laughed. The Compere also wanted to have fun and so insisted on that tiny fellow to have a try. After great reluctance the visitor came on the stage.
To every one's surprise he got two glasses of juice from one lemon. As a matter of right he demanded his prize and collected the money. The pahalwan, with all humility, asked him, " Sir, where do you work ?"
The puny fellow said, " I am from Income Tax department !"
You know the moral of the story.

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