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1 Jean's past life on Wed Nov 10, 2010 10:56 am

Candy Cottingham

We were middle class..not poor.
Father did not join the forces during the war. He was a Key man for Industry.
He was a Foreman at 25 and an Electrical Engineer, having served a 7 year apprenticeship.
He always had work and possible a decent wage.
In those days most people rented their living accommodations.
I had one Brother who died of Cancer aged 54...he had two boys.
My Father never did learn to drive....In those days there was no driving test.
Not many cars on the road. People could not afford them.
1953 Ration Books for food, clothes & Sweets were still in force.
I still have my Ration Book. Sweets were the last to be unrationed.
It was frowned upon for Mother to go to work.
But she did take in dressmaking at home.
We did not have drive in pictures.
But Mother and I went to the Cinema every Friday Night.
Ester Williams I liked. Mother liked Laurel & Hardy.
The Cinema was full of smoke from peoples ciggies.
You use to watch the screen through a haze.
The Usherette use to shine a torch down the aisle to let people through to their seat.
We all in that aisle had to stand up to let them past whilst trying to keep an eye on the screen.

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