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1 World War Two on Mon Oct 18, 2010 7:26 pm

Candy Cottingham


London and Coventry were two of the worst hit places during the war and suffered real bad,with a large loss of life to go with it. Londoners were a very tough breed of people and never lost their faith and ability to cope in all that the Germans could throw at them..
You would think by now we would have learnt how to live in peace, but whilst we have these religious fanatics...well!

My Family was in London at that time. Some of the Family including Mum & Dad thought they would get away from it and go to live in Coventry further North, MIDLANDS where I was Born. 1941
But Coventry was hard hit..3days Bombing. There were ammunition factories there. We was bombed out and came back to North London. Dad's Sister who died age 89 worked in a Airplane Factory in Coventry, earnt good money.
My Mothers Mother was living in Finsbury Park North London and a Doodle Bug came through the ceiling of this big house they lived in. Came through the ceiling and turned went out of the back door. This great big Dresser my Grand mother was hiding behind...fell on top her. It may have been the cause of her Arthritis..she died aged 60yrs. She ended up in a wheelchair. (The Doodle Bug did not go off)
They narrowly escaped death one night because they were staying in another air raid shelter with friends. The one they usually went in got a DIRECT HIT and everyone was killed.
My Mothers WINDOWS in Coventry were all blown in and the houses opposite went down like a pack of cards.
Many stories like a plane raking bullets down the High Street and some one jumped off their bike and ran for it.
Hubby Brian's Mum was out with him and a V2 Rocket came over the engines going, when it stopped the thing fell down further over in another neighborhood.. She Hid behind a Hedge in some ones front garden.

Tyler it is a good job the man who got the medal lived long enough to receive it.

Our Thanks to the Yanks for helping us.

2 Re: World War Two on Mon Oct 18, 2010 10:21 pm


That was interesting and sad, what an awful time to go through/Hope we never have to through that again~my grandparents use to talk about it~ and my Mom and Dad

3 Re: World War Two on Mon Oct 18, 2010 10:37 pm

Candy Cottingham

Hitla did good at first....the country was on it's knees with poverty.

Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm 11 was the first German to place a death camp in Africa.
A German Invention. 3 and half thousand innocent Africans were liquidated there. The greatest mass crime of the century. That was before Hitla & Nazi party. The Kaiser's Holocaust.. he manacled the victims with Iron. 1883 the year
...They called him Kaiser Bill.
The 1st Conquest of Germany's African Empire.
Heinrich Goering was 1st Imperial Commissioner of South Africa at that time.

Guess what He was the Father of Herman Goering.
The Field Marshall of the Luftwaffe. The AIRFORCE The man responsible for the Blitz on London.

He went against Hitla's wishes.
Hitla did not want to invade us at that point.

7th Setember Hitla changed tactics and started on Russia...costly mistake.
I think we had a bunker 60 feet below ground.
The war operations room...Hitla did not have this.
We could map what was going on and where his planes were by radar and others. There was a battle of wits...can we defeat the enemy.
They postponed invasion. I think they battled us for air superiority continuously for 3 months.

The German pilots that were shot down were all sent to one comparatively luxury building at Trent park...large building but everywhere was bugged...and we picked up a lot of information. We almost knew their every move.

He had many Dumb Barges lined up for the invasion of us.
Hitla was told he could take us in 4 days.

Warped beliefs about racial superior...Traditional belief....conceited

4 Re: World War Two on Tue Oct 19, 2010 3:05 pm

rosco 357

the battle of Britain , in the skys, and the use of radar, its amazing how the pilots held off the german airforce , and is well known here,and the bravery and toughness of the British ppl. we lost alot of lives when we got in, but we did not have to fight on our own soil,except for Pearl harbor . so for that we were blessed. my dad was in the pacific. he was drafted out of highschool as soon as he turned 18, and he was lucky, he was in the army,his pic is in the gallery, he was on lots of island, including iwo jima , but only after the island was taken, he got to send back home a japanese rifle, and bayonet, i researched it and wrote about my dad and put it in a folder, and hung a dogtag on the rifle and my grandson who is 10 i gave it to him. he is old enough to understand and it now is in a glass rifle cabinet where they keep hunting rifles. we think things now are tough and the start of some proficy, but it pales in comparison to world war II, thanks for that story, of London, take care

5 Re: World War Two on Tue Oct 19, 2010 5:43 pm


it was some horrific times, hope it is never repeated, I don't know if we are as tough as our Fathers,Mothers,Grands!! we must never forget the evil Hitler was, and some of the politicians here, and never let this happen again.

6 Re: World War Two on Tue Oct 19, 2010 6:06 pm

Candy Cottingham

gypsy wrote:it was some horrific times, hope it is never repeated, I don't know if we are as tough as our Fathers,Mothers,Grands!! we must never forget the evil Hitler was, and some of the politicians here, and never let this happen again.

Politicians are greedy...There are over 20 Millionairs in our cabinet.
Evil in the dark ages must have been worse...don't know...Power can become dangerous and manifest it'self into evil.

4 or 5 sorties a day those spitfire pilots did..then they slept underground in one of those rotten air raid shelters. Fully dressed ready for the scramble siren..planes detected by one of those radar pylons set up along the coast...30 minute warning.

Lots of stories were covered up or altered...just to keep our moral up.
We declared war on Germany because we backed Poland..
But Hitla did not want to bomb us for some reason.
If you America had not stepped in at the end of the war..
We would have lost probably. Don't know...

How could we be totally helpless when we held them off for 4 years.
..The English Channel was a big stumbling block for Hitla...Took 30mins for his planes to reach us.. By which time we had shot many down....They only had a certain amount of time to drop their bombs..about 10 to 15 mins I think..then they had to get home before they run out of fuel. When the German Pilots saw all the Barges they thought they had got us sewn up in a bag.

Our Fish Trawlers were used as surveillance.
At first Hitla wanted to starve us to win the war. We dug for victory and planted food on any available land. Even in a moat that was drained for the purpose. Our Royal Navy was the largest in the world...we were a Marine Super Power.

Hitla did not understand this..he was an ARMY man and only a Coporal at that. Vital ship supplies were sunk ..but Hitla did not have enough U Boats. They had S Boats that sailed 50 miles an hour. They had a wooden hull. But the German's mistake was emphasis on quality

7 Re: World War Two on Wed Oct 20, 2010 3:31 pm

rosco 357

i heard a man i worked with that was in europe in the army said we just out produced germany, that when a plane got shot down it seemed like 3 came over to take its place and i know factories here changed over to war material, tanks, planes etc, and the plane the p-51 mustang made a difference it could go long a long distance to protect our bombers, by the end when germany had the few jets, we had so many p-51s that they handled the german jets, and a mustang was even thou a prop plane , it was very fast and nothing could match it in a dog fight.

8 Re: World War Two on Wed Oct 20, 2010 10:39 pm

Candy Cottingham

The Germans did not have a warning when we retaliated.
We invented the Radar.......Boy did we bomb their Cities....We were outnumbered by 6,000 German planes to our 500 (at a time)...But the tally score of planes down was even. Our planes were superior.. Don't mess with ze English. A small Island we may be..but watch your backs. Think about it..we were defending our we fought back hard. They took over some of the other Countries they attacked..but.. Us.. They did not. We held them off for 3 years before you came to our aid.

70 years ago was w.w.2
The first year they did not bomb us...then the German air comander decided to blitze London unceasingly.....against Hitla's orders. So day and night for eight months they tried to make us surrender. London was all on fire. When Churchill came to see the mess..we told him not to give in. On the first raid 1,000 people were killed...taken unaware. More than that number were Casualties.

Every railway line out of London to the south was put out of action. The place was full of people looking for their lost belongings.
Whole streets down and gone.
The German planes swarmed in like flies weaving in and out of the puffs of smoke.
They headed down the Thames from France...making for the Docks. The first wave dropped the incendaries...turned and flew back over Kent.
Two hours later the next wave came with bombs.
The fire lit everything up so they could see where to drop their bombs. They hit Beckton Gasworks...clouds of black smoke everywhere

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