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1 Mastering Soundtracks on Wed Sep 08, 2010 3:10 am


When mastering services are availed, it makes the musical tracks sound great. Mastering is the final phase of recording a music track. It is sometimes overlooked by the musicians who feel that once a perfect mix is achieved, there is less need for mastering. However, if perfection is what one is seeking, then mastering cannot be foregone. Almost 99% of sound tracks need mastering, be it in the form of eq and compression or in the form of leveling of volume.

Mastering makes the track sound professional. Once the mastering has been performed, it gives it a loud and clear feel to it. The mastering is performed by mastering engineers adept in it. The mastering engineers have the expertise and experience to make it sound soulful. The trained ears of the mastering engineers are able to find out the places where the sound track needs tweaking or fine-tuning. When the tracks are submitted for mastering, the mastering engineer puts it through a range of equipments, which give the sound a different effect. These equipments include the compressors, equalizers, limiters and special enhancers. The mastering engineer uses compression and limiting to enhance the sound without destroying the natural dynamics of the mix. Mastering has now become easily accessible with online mastering services. The online mastering is cheap mastering services which are availed easily online. The audio files that need mastering is uploaded and worked upon by a mastering engineer. Once the process is completed, mastered files are sent to the client as a link or in CD format.

2 Master File on Wed Sep 08, 2010 7:04 pm

Candy Cottingham

Welcome Heinze hope you enjoy your stay

A master file is huge...can't keep it on the p.c. as you say must download to c.d.
what is the name of the master file...armstad or something?

3 Re: Mastering Soundtracks on Wed Sep 08, 2010 9:53 pm


Well these soundtracks, and most computer skills are way above my head,love learning~ Welcome, Heinz

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