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rosco 357

well this is just my words, bama beat San Jose State 48 to 3, but what was a surprise to me, is i knew Heisman Trophy winner mark Ingram had his knee scoped at the first of the week, so trent richarson, was the man but as soon as bama got out about 28 to 3 , saban in the first half, put in the second string quarter back and played halfbacks eddie lacey who is 3rd string, and Goode who is 4 string back and its hard to tell the difference between all of them, , and nick saban took out the first string lineman pretty quick, not sure how soon ingram will be back. the real schedule starts this coming weekend when bama plays penn state. . no one knows if mark ingram will play or not but if not he should the 3rd game, but of the 4 top runnng backs they have, its hard to tell the difference, but mark is a touch better, lots of young new players, a freshman punter who punted 2 punts back to back over 50 yards, so. the stadium upgrade and enlargement to the 5th largest in the nation to 101,000 is said to be awesome, very pretty and well designed, but next week alabama will find out if they are deserving of the number one ranking, when penn state comes to town, ,,they replayed the san jose game just now on css,

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