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Perry calls for more border security after stray bullet from Mexican shootout hits UTEP campus

Published August 23, 2010
| Associated Press

EL PASO, Texas Texas Gov. Rick Perry is again calling for the federal government to step up border security after officials said at least one stray bullet from a weekend shootout in Mexico hit a University of Texas-El Paso building.

A 30-minute fire fight between gunmen and police broke out Saturday along the border in Ciudad Juarez. That's just across the Rio Grande from El Paso and is ground zero in the Mexican drug cartel war.

The next day, university officials found a bullet lodged in an office door frame inside a campus building. Police believe it flew across the border during the shootout.

El Paso Police spokesman Darrel Petry says investigators also are looking into a report that a window of a passing car was shot out during the fire fight, but no injuries were reported.

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