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rosco 357

my words, i really dont understand the attraction, but on aol all the time she seems to have something on the welcome screen, this was a long article i posted just the first paragraph and it had 2 utubes. i posted her snl performance, but there is another one of her playing the piano and singing wearing bubble wrap, lol, i knew tyler was a big fan, lmao, take care, vid at bottom, whole article on the url,

Does Lady Gaga make you totally geek out? From her stream of smash hits and shocking performances to her unpredictable fashion choices and chameleon-like changes in hair and makeup, Gaga's got something for everyone. When the pop star burst onto the scene in 2008, no one could have predicted her meteoric rise to fame (except her, of course). Naturally, Gaga couldn't have done it without her "little monsters," the ever-growing legion of fans that idolize, emulate and, most importantly, purchase all things Gaga. Just this month, over 20,000 fans showed up for Gaga's Today Show performance in New York. We've done some digging through her 5 million Twitter followers and over 10 million Facebook friends to find Gaga's biggest fans -- the ones that just can't sleep at night without seeing her latest Twitpic or airport paparazzi shot, the folks who really geek out over Gaga. So how do you measure up? Meet them after the jump.


I hate that shit, the music sucks, the performance sucks too. I don't see the attraction either. When I see her on TV I change the channel. What a over rated clown. lol


Amen Tyler, I agree, I see no talent at all~

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