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1 Obama team's panic over losing whites on Sat Jul 24, 2010 12:34 am

rosco 357

Obama team's panic over losing whites
Posted: July 22, 2010
7:28 pm Eastern

© 2010

On Monday, the Department of Agriculture demanded the resignation of Shirley Sherrod over a two-minute videotape where she appeared to describe to a cheering crowd of the Georgia NAACP how she denied assistance to a poor white farmer about to lose his land.

Declaring itself "appalled" at this "shameful" act of racism, the NAACP said it would investigate the Georgia crowd that cheered her and praised the Department of Agriculture for firing her.

On Wednesday, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack was begging for Sherrod's forgiveness, and the NAACP was burbling apologies.

For the video turned out to be an excerpt from a speech in which Sherrod described her growth from a bitter black woman whose father was murdered by a white man into one who found joy helping poor white folks keep their farms.

What was it that caused the rush to judgment by Vilsack, the NAACP and a White House that supported the ouster of Sherrod without talking to her or viewing the full tape?

Panic. The White House fears it is losing white America because of a false perception that it harbors a bias against white America.

Outrageous, rail those journalists who celebrated the NAACP's accusation that the tea party is harboring racists and is too cowardly to confront them.

Erik Rush's brand new book is bold, daring and needed: "Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal - America's Racial Obsession"

Yet, as things perceived as real are real in their consequences, if the White House does not eradicate this perception, its lease may not be renewed. Whence comes that perception? Several incidents.

First was the startling accusation by Attorney General Eric Holder, days after Barack Obama was inaugurated in a gusher of good feeling, that we are all "a nation of cowards" when it comes to facing issues of race.

A real icebreaker for a national conversation.

Second was the instantaneous verdict of the president, when asked about the arrest of Harvard's Henry Louis Gates by Cambridge cop Sgt. James Crowley. With no knowledge of what happened, Obama blurted out that the cops had "acted stupidly."

It took a White House beer summit to detoxify that one.

A third was the revelation that Obama's first Supreme Court nominee, Judge Sonia Sotomayor, the "wise Latina" herself, had gone to extremes to see that the case of Frank Ricci and the New Haven, Conn., firefighters never got to the Supreme Court. Ricci and co-defendants had been denied promotions they had won in competitive exams solely because they were white and no black firemen had done as well.

The fourth was the Justice Department's dropping of charges against members of the New Black Panther Party, whose intimidation of voters in Philadelphia had been captured on tape.

When a department official resigned in protest and went to the Civil Rights Commission to accuse officials at Justice of ordering staff attorneys not to pursue such cases, that explosive charge, too, was ignored by Justice.

Came then the NAACP smear that the tea party was harboring racists, which Joe Biden explicitly rejected on national television on Sunday, before the Monday firestorm over Sherrod.

Now, whatever one's views on each of these episodes in which race played a role, white Americans are being forced to address them. And, surely, the White House understands this is bad news for Obama and the Democratic Party.

For though the black community remains solidly behind Obama and the white majority is shrinking toward minority status by 2042 or 2050, depending on which Census survey one uses, whites in America still outnumber blacks five to one. And if forced constantly to come down on one side or the other of a racial divide, most folks will wind up with their own.

In past elections, Democrats have raised race – allegations that black churches were being torched in the South, that George W. Bush's opposition to a hate-crimes bill meant he was coldly indifferent to the dragging death of a handicapped black man – to solidify and energize the minority vote. And, today, that vote remains solid behind Obama.

Where the erosion is taking place is in white America, among working- and middle-class folks who voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries but took a chance with Obama in the fall. Now, every time some new incident erupts, these folks are being tarred.

Opposition to affirmative action is racist. Supporting the tea party gives aid and comfort to racists. Opposing health care puts you in league with folks who used racial slurs on Rep. John Lewis. To raise the issue of the New Black Panther Party is to play the race card.

One understands the bitterness of tea-party folks who carry signs that read: "What difference does it make what this placard says? You'll call it racist anyway."

As the National Journal's Ron Brownstein has been reporting, white America is increasingly alienated and distrustful of all our major economic and political power centers – the banks, big corporations, the government.

And, for the first time in our lifetimes outside the South, white racial consciousness has visibly begun to rise.

2 Re: Obama team's panic over losing whites on Sat Jul 24, 2010 2:02 am


yes and it all started with Fox news taking the excerpt out of context, again creating a falsehood as so many times before,but i will say this, the ag dept and the white house should have done more on investigating instead of listening to the news on Fox~or any media.

3 Re: Obama team's panic over losing whites on Sat Jul 24, 2010 2:25 am

rosco 357

well the article covers many other things, and they all make sense.. i dont think u can blame the ag and white house and tie fox to that, with all the ppl they have tied to jounalism working for the government, they probably have a whole floor or building full of ppl following every news organization and sources u could imagine,and they still jumped the gun on the lady. they are scared, like the article says, blaming fox for what the white house did is asinine,

4 Re: Obama team's panic over losing whites on Sat Jul 24, 2010 2:34 am

rosco 357

i think if not mistaken because i have not paid much attention to it , its not been on my radar of have i read any post on it here, but i think her talk was on utube first, anyway this was on my news sight,

President Obama Said Sec. Tom Vilsack 'Jumped the Gun' on Shirley Sherrod’s Ouster

--George Stephanopoulos

July 22, 2010 6:49 PM

Leamy.Obama.Interview President Obama said Secretary Tom Vilsack rushed to judgment when he dismissed Shirley Sherrod from the Department of Agriculture amid charges of racism.

"He jumped the gun, partly because we now live in this media culture where something goes up on YouTube or a blog and everybody scrambles," Obama told consumer correspondent Elisabeth Leamy in an exclusive “GMA” interview.

Tune into “GMA” at 7 a.m. ET to watch more of Elisabeth Leamy’s exclusive interview with President Obama on the consumer aspects of the financial reform legislation.

The president, who personally apologized to Sherrod earlier today, said he instructed his administration to learn from the circumstances surrounding her ouster.

“I've told my team and I told my agencies that we have to make sure that we're focusing on doing the right thing instead of what looks to be politically necessary at that very moment. We have to take our time and, and think these issues through,” Obama told Leamy.

“If there's a lesson to be drawn from this episode, it's that rather than us jumping to conclusions and pointing fingers at each other, we should all look inward and try to examine what's in our own hearts and, as a consequence, I think we will continue to make progress,” he said.

This morning Sherrod told me she didn’t know if the president was “fully behind” her and wanted to speak to Obama to ensure his support before deciding whether to accept the position Vilsack offered her at the USDA.

No word yet from Sherrod if she will take the new gig after talking to Obama.

--George Stephanopoulos

5 Re: Obama team's panic over losing whites on Sat Jul 24, 2010 2:38 am


not in my opinion, and most level headed people's , it is one more false lie has been produced by Fox, but I agree that as I said there should have been more investigation before jumping the gun. by both the Ag Dept, and the white house.. but quick to realize their mistakes they righted it, did Fox apologize to the lady~ I don't think so. if they have i haven't heard anything about it.

6 Re: Obama team's panic over losing whites on Sat Jul 24, 2010 4:14 pm


This was a huge black-eye by the White House, as we all know Obama was being informed not by FOX (to funny ) and gave the orders to ax her quick before more racial issues tied to his administration continued to surface. Fox picked up the story from the AP. Seems there is alot of damage control at the WH lately, Kerry ducking taxes on his multi-million dollar boat, Rangel (sp) on tax and reporting evasion, and the biggest crock the AZ. immigration fiasco which is not looking good for team Obama. My personal favorite was Big O running down here for another photo-op and singing the praises of the coast..come on down he says vacation here the beaches are beautiful, then his sorry ass goes to Maine to vacation..what kind of crap is that ???

7 Re: Obama team's panic over losing whites on Sat Jul 24, 2010 4:31 pm

rosco 357

i read and heard alot of criticism about the maine vacation, and not supporting the gulf region, as big O told everyone to do,

8 Re: Obama team's panic over losing whites on Sat Jul 24, 2010 5:41 pm


Obama keep up the good work, mistakes will be made ,Quit listening to your advisers so much. and completely ignore fake news~ go with your gut feeling, that is how you got elected.l
also just remember the mistakes former leader made prior to your election at least you didn't start any new wars except those who will judge you wrong you as the first Black president ,who will have to prove to all the racist that a black person can do a good job, that is why the republicans in the senate/congress will not work with you, instead it is Hell no, the part y of No!! that is the gop for ya.. Obama will have to do more than 100% for some hard heads,but that is ok, we are in a turn around and things are looking much better, not great yet, but on the way.

just in our little town alone five new businesses are opening up, high way work everywhere and infrastructure.

9 Re: Obama team's panic over losing whites on Sat Jul 24, 2010 9:15 pm

rosco 357

highway work , well just how many pot holes did they fill, lmao

10 Re: Obama team's panic over losing whites on Sat Jul 24, 2010 9:16 pm

rosco 357

you do know fox news has to get an ok from george bush before it will air a story,

11 Re: Obama team's panic over losing whites on Sat Jul 24, 2010 10:00 pm



12 Re: Obama team's panic over losing whites on Sat Jul 24, 2010 10:16 pm


don't doubt it~~on getting you know who's approval~ lots of pot holes being filled? how about there in your place Rosco~

no these are completely resurfacing~~ looking good here too:)

13 Re: Obama team's panic over losing whites on Sat Jul 24, 2010 10:39 pm


Very funny Rosco..we have tons of highway work down here, new Twin Span being built over the lake to replace the damaged one from Katrina, road work going to Hammond then to Baton Rouge, lots of work going toward Mobile also, but you know the strange part of all the work, not one has the mandatory signs the WH ordered ( and paid for with stimulus money )to be placed on stimulus money jobs, each of these jobs were contracted by Bohn Brothers long before Obama took office.

14 Re: Obama team's panic over losing whites on Sun Jul 25, 2010 12:03 am

rosco 357

yep they just re- asphalted one of the two 4 lanes hwys i can take to get to the interstate to get to work, i think they have a schedule they do them every so often , but by the time i go to work the signs are covered, so the ppl have got off, im glad because the speeding fines are doubled where there is road work and workers present. it may be in everystate that way,. i usually take this back highway, the limit is 65 so u can go 70 easy, and not much traffic, till u get close to the interstate which is like 10 miles, the other one i can take is busy and full of businesses,but i do use it to come home on in the middle of the nite,

15 Re: Obama team's panic over losing whites on Sun Jul 25, 2010 12:14 am

rosco 357

i may have posted this, but just another reason to love the south, when in Pennsylvania on vacation my gosh i have never seen interstates in as bad of shape as those were, from hershey to philly anyways, i guess the winter weather , or whatever, but they were terrible, and they were concrete like ours are, but tore up,

16 Re: Obama team's panic over losing whites on Sun Jul 25, 2010 12:17 am


Parts of Mississippi have really bad roads, and when I road the amtrack to Hammond/ Mississippi had the roughest rails~

17 Re: Obama team's panic over losing whites on Sun Jul 25, 2010 1:03 am


Rosco when I worked a storm in Suffolk VA. and another in Henderson NC you needed to either slow down or learn to dodge potholes in the highways, they were terrible, outside of Lexington KY. the road was so bad it had buckled and was crumbling.

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