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rosco 357

Obama spokesman says Democrats could lose House

(AP) 2 hours ago

WASHINGTON President Barack Obama's chief spokesman says it's possible that Democrats could lose their majority in the House this fall.

Press secretary Robert Gibbs says there's no doubt that enough seats are in play for Republicans to take control. Gibbs says the outcome of the fall vote will depend on whether Democrats wage strong campaigns.

Gibbs is echoing points that Obama has made political fundraisers this summer that GOP apologies to oil giant BP and complaints about tighter Wall Street rules show how Republicans would govern.

Gibbs appeared Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press."


We will just see, and pray it doesn't happen :) I do not know one good republican,senator,or for that matter ever even had a good Republican president, it is just a wait process and hope the people wake up and see what they have done for/to the country the last eight years and now! with Hell No Attitude!


People have realized what they have done and are reversing the tide as fast as possible. Dems have done this to themselves. It is obvious Dems are stearing clear of the roll off of the Bush tax cuts. When these are over every American will feel the impact in taxes, not just the above $200,000.00 bracket.

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