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1 movies i can watch over and over, on Sat Jul 10, 2010 1:15 am

rosco 357

movies i love, i have several movies i can watch over and over, and never seem tired of watching. i cant remember them all, one is THE GREEN MILE. and BLIND SIDE is coming on strong, but i just watched for the uptenht time. LEGENDS Of THE FALL, i have seen it so many times, .. but i got some dvds, on my way home from work a couple, one is Brooklyn's Finest..a police movie, with richard gere, and one is THE RED BARRON , not sure i can watch both tonight, not sure which i will watch, will give my opinions on them when i watch them,i may add to the list of movies i watch over, if u have any post them, and another to a lesser extent is MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE, take care,

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