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26 Re: I hate the Summer n/m on Sat Jun 11, 2011 4:58 am

rosco 357

well we know the prisoners in hanoi were returned , john macain was one, i dont know about hidden prison camps,lots of conspiracy theories out there. i dont think any were proved to be correct, could have been or not,, mostly all i have seen are movies that fuel the fires on it, i dont think we will really ever know as we dont know alot of things that are deemed classified by the government. if there were hidden camps i would imagine they were killed to remove evidence by the NVA .. they had no value if there were any, they would not need them for labor,as vietnam had plenty of ppl that work from the south,, but i really dont know.. the most terrible thing is the war itself, it turned out to be a waist of time, i think Robert McNamara has a book out on it, and the mistakes the US made back in the 60s..and he played a part in the war planning,, but i was of the age to go,,thats why i got in the army guard.. to not be drafted, but i have not studied the war that much so i really dont know,, i think there were some americans that stayed but not prisoners.. but its been so long ago, im not sure about that even,i think now we have a coca cola factory over there, i think,, take care

27 Re: I hate the Summer n/m on Sat Jun 11, 2011 11:49 am


Well its quite possible I've watched too many Rambo But I do think there is an element of possible truth to them. Meaning there might have been actual proof of prison camps and the US didn't want to recognize them. It could have been deemed too risky to try and get them out. In other words, in there evaluation more lives (more American solders lives than the number of prisoners) would be lost attempting to get them out. Just a thought.

Very true rosco, the prisoners would hold no value to them today. If there were any and I think there was, they have been dead for a very long time. Just a guess.

28 Re: I hate the Summer n/m on Sat Jun 11, 2011 8:29 pm

rosco 357

well i think but not sure we had satellite technology then, even, but not sure of that ,, but today we have such good intel with better satellite technology, and the drones, the drones amaze me, they can stay on one place for a long time and the monitoring is in virginia, of what they see, and im talking about Pakistan,i read one article where we got one top man that planned i think an airline downing, but he had 5 million bucks on his head .. im not sure if we killed him or pakistan, i read that today.. wish we had of had that technology during vietnam. but the big problem there was the country was riddled with those caves the viet cong and NVA traveled in .. plus the thick jungle, but one big mistake we made was so many have died since the war that was exposed to the spraying of agent orange to kill the vegetation. i think it has been proved it has cause thousands to die of cancer, one lady i talked to at a school reunion her husband died, of cancer, and she said it was from agent orange he was exposed to heavily . take care

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