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1 Love our leadership on Mon Jul 05, 2010 2:29 am


so methodical,no rush to make mistake/like last leader

a lot to contemplate,this president left with a full plate/I think he has handled it with good strategy/smart thinking, just a little over a year,and things are looking better//

I agree on pulling out of a nine year war,the longest in Americas history/we need to concentrate on our on recovery! I SALUTE!! Obama/appointees and their s work..

2 Re: Love our leadership on Mon Jul 05, 2010 3:23 pm

rosco 357

im not sure i agree with ur post, that obama is doing a good job, or things are getting better, i still think its to early to tell, and obama has made plenty of mistakes.. i dont see him being reelected, unless something good really takes place.. and im not saying anyone could have done better, lots of our problems in the market are because of the problems in the european economy, the 2010 election is growing close, many things may change then,but it will be interesting if nothing else.

Dow Repeats Great Depression Pattern: Charts
Published: Monday, 5 Jul 2010 | 5:31 AM ET


The Dow Jones Industrial Average is repeating a pattern that appeared just before markets fell during the Great Depression, Daryl Guppy, CEO at, told CNBC Monday.

“Those who don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it…there was a head and shoulders pattern that developed before the Depression in 1929, then with the recovery in 1930 we had another head and shoulders pattern that preceded a fall in the market, and in the current Dow situation we see an exact repeat of that environment,” Guppy said.

The Dow retreated 457.33 points, or 4.5 percent last week, to close at 9,686 Friday. Guppy said a Dow fall below 9,800 confirmed the head and shoulders pattern.

The Shanghai Composite is seeing a very rapid collapse, falling below 2,500, which suggests the major fall in the Dow, he added.

In the European markets, Guppy says Frankfurt's Dax is witnessing a different pattern to London's FTSE.

Guppy uses the broad trading band as measurement- giving the Dax a downsize target of 1,500. The same head and shoulders pattern seen in the Dow can also being seen in the FTSE, he added.

3 Re: Love our leadership on Tue Jul 06, 2010 3:08 am


3 trillion in debt, bailouts that were failures, stimulus that didn't work, unemployment at 9.7%...17 months and still Obama won't assume responsibility for HIS actions , this is now his Katrina, lack of the ability to show leadership, indecisiveness at the expense of the American people. Yeah the Big O is doing a great job.
We are losing respect around the world, how sad other countries are chastizing our leader for the outlandish spending going on here. Before long it will be press one for Chinese as they already own us.

4 Re: Love our leadership on Thu Jul 08, 2010 11:12 am


I think Obama is doing a good job. I think he will go a second term also. I will vote for him next term if he runs.

Hes doing all the right things. I agree with what he says and what hes doing.

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