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1 gulf weather, and the oil on Mon Jun 28, 2010 4:37 pm

rosco 357

well i mad a mistake, or my sister did, i posted somewhere the storm would pull the oil from the beaches, but i watched on cnn weather, it showed the storm that will go over really warm water, and go into mexico, but the rotation is counter clockwise as it always is, even that far away, the cnn guy said it would push the oil toward the beaches, he said if it had turned right and gone over south florida hopefully not as a hurricane, it would have pulled the oil away and out well down into the gulf and the longer it is over the water it degrades and is more manageable, but that is not the case . he said it will be pushing even new oil toward the coast, he was drawing it on a map what it will do, sorry if im over doing the oil, but i found what he said interesting,

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