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1 lots of stuff happening, on Mon Jun 07, 2010 3:55 pm

rosco 357

well im not comparing this time in history to others , there is always problems, nothing now compares to
what my dad and the ppl then went through in world war II .. BUT it does seem like lots of things going wrong, the economy is bad. the national debt, iran is growing stronger, and for the first time i worry a bit about Israel,american terrorist from here were going to Somalia to kill americans,in afganistan or iraq, , and now the oil in the gulf..the forecast of a bad hurricane season may or may not happen. some predictions in the past did not evolve, anyway, the obama administration has its hands full. i saw on tv where beach front houses on the gulf, it showed a few, that had a price tag of $600,000 has been droped to 400,000 so many ppl effected, if this gets worse which it seems it will houses on the gulf will tank, tourism already is hurting, i guess the smokies will have a good business, just rambling nothing new in the news hardly, take care

2 Re: lots of stuff happening, on Tue Jun 08, 2010 11:47 am


This country has a lot going on right now no doubt.

I don't think they will be able to successfully detain this oil spill enough to stop it from ruining all the coasts on the gulf. I think all of Florida's west coast will be destroyed. As you know the oil has been predicted to possibly go around keywest and make its way to Florida's east coast and ruin that too. They can't stop the oil, only maybe slow it down and help some, do a little cleaning (as if that's helping much), I don't think so. The dye has been cast, there is no stopping it now. I'm not trying to take a negative attitude towards this, I want to be optimistic, its just my opinion right now.

3 Re: lots of stuff happening, on Tue Jun 08, 2010 3:59 pm

rosco 357

oh i agree, its hard to see it stopping, i read in an article . they were interviewing the owner of the salty dog surf shop in panama city florida, , he has stopped all vendors from sending him tee shirts and other things. he has been told oil may hit the beaches there in 72 hours, the article also talked how weird the oil is. on the florida , bama state line,bama had some brown places on the shore, and i think tar balls, and the florida side was fine the next day the alabama beach looked fine, i imagine they cleaned it up as soon as possible, but this is still coming out, they cant close the vents on the cap because the pressure may blow it off, they are fabricating a differnent one to change out. they showed if it gets in the current loop and it showed a map it could go up the atlantic coast and even over to europe, but they said that probably is a long shot and will not happen on getting to europe, im not sure what they are saying about it getting into the loop currrent , but i think now its ok, but it gets worse each day, just hope the new well being drilled will stop it, i have heard something on that, but not sure i understand, i thought they were going to drill into the existing well, but i need to learn more on that..

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