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1 Rescued Goats Recipients of Lottery on Fri May 14, 2010 5:12 pm

rosco 357

Rescued Goats Recipients of Lottery WinAOL
posted: 5 HOURS AGO comments: (May 14) -- A Wal-Mart employee who won $2 million on a scratch-off lottery ticket has a lucky goat named Bucky to thank.
Beverly Evens of Anderson, Calif., rescued Bucky nine years ago. He had been beaten and abused, but Evens nursed him back to health, even bottle-feeding him. Since then Evens has taken in more than 40 rescue goats, Sacramento's CBS13 reported Wednesday.
Evens finds her goats adorable but expensive. Their daily diet of hay -- as well the extra fencing she needs to install to keep curious goats from wandering into trouble -- puts a strain on her paychecks from Wal-Mart.
The needs of Bucky and his goat pals were on Evens' mind one day when she stopped at a mini-mart for coffee and a lottery ticket. There on a scratcher she won $2 million over 25 years, beating the 1 in 1.2 million odds.
She'll use the money to spruce up Bucky's digs and also continue her work of taking in abused goats. Evens also plans to keep her job at Wal-Mart.
"We are very low-maintenance people," Evens told California Lottery officials. "They way we look at it, as long as the animals are happy, so are we."

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