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1 Tyler's Hard-Boiled Eggs on Fri May 14, 2010 1:00 pm


First, get a pot and then take as many Eggs as you want to eat and put them in the pot, then fill it with water making sure there is at least 2" of water over the eggs. Use a pot that is for like making soup, or something like that, just something you can boil stuff in, you know, like what you might make chili in. You don't want to cook these in too shallow water. Then add some salt to the pot of eggs. Just a few shakes from a salt shaker will do the trick.

Then boil them on medium heat for approx 15 mins then shut the stove off. Let them set for about 30 minutes. Then carefully remove the eggs from the pot and put them in a bowl. (Bonus Tip) You can make egg salad with this recipe as well) or just peal and eat them as is. If you decide to just peal and eat them, bring a salt shaker with you and sprinkle some salt on the egg with every bite..


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