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1 Tenn.Flooding on Mon May 10, 2010 1:07 pm



2 Re: Tenn.Flooding on Mon May 10, 2010 3:45 pm

rosco 357

WOW i had no idea it was that bad,,i have like i have said been there many time, been to that hardrock cafe. where it said grand ole opry, that was the original one ,that was the ryman theater where it use to be, but that original one is on the nashville tour if u take a paid tour of the city in those mini buses, i guess yall know they cut a big circle out of the ryman stage and put it in the newer grand ole opry that is out where opryland ammusment park was,but the ammusment park has been closed for many years, i guess it was loosing money, but they have the roy acuff theater and other theaters there now, the floor wood was put in the new one so the ppl that preform are standing on the wood of the old grand ole opry stage,, thanks tryy that was a good vid, i had no idea, and either like it said it got very little coverage, or i just missed it on the news.. that looks like it will take a while to clean up and fix, the damage to buildings,

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yes it is real bad there ..My daughter lives in Rockwood but there is not as bad but the whole state has suffered some sort of flooding She said...

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