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1 lucas oil injector cleaner, on Sat May 08, 2010 12:39 am

rosco 357

i have heard several pll at places that do oil say LUCAS is the best injector cleaner, but i usually just get 2 concentrated bottles of walmart and run 2 bottles through a tank of gas the tank before u change ur oil,because it could blow by ur rings, and dilute ur oil, so u do then change oil,, a radio show mechanic i listened to at work, said do that many years ago.. and he was a really good mechanic and had a shop here in bham, but expensive.. i did not get lucas i thought it was expensive, well i was in walmart, and picked up a large 32 ounce bottle, it comes in a small bottle that u use all of it, but the big bottle was just almost 10 bucks , but what i had never read was u use only 3 oz. per 10 gallons, and my car hold 13 gallons of gas, ,, so that not expensive, it said it does not hurt to use more, Lucas is not just a fuel injector cleaner but a upper cylinder lubricant its like almost clear and oily,it cleans and cushions the valve seats, cleans the rings, and coats the cylinders, and it said it will pay for itself in fuel millage., well i the first time doubled the amount, the next time i use a bit more than 3 oz for 10 gallons, well i made sure when buying gas, i parked the same way, at the same place i get gas, and i usually get like 30 1/2 miles per gallon, well since i have used lucas, on one tank, i got 35 miles a gallon and today i knew going to work it did not look like i was using as much and i filed it up today, and i try to fill it the same amount, i basically top it off, and i got 36 miles a gallon. so i will check again, but i do believe it is doing what it said, im getting better gas milage using it, so im not loosing money on it plus i was buying fuel injector cleaner, anyway each oil change, and this is a upper cylinder lubrication, just food for thought,,

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