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1 45th ACM awards show, on Mon Apr 19, 2010 2:38 am

rosco 357

did anyone see the academy of country music awards(ACM) on cbs, sunday nite april 18,, Carrie Underwood, is i guess the main person off idol that hit the real big time, she has won the triple crown in years past, i think song of the year, female vocalist of the year, and entertainer of the year all on the same year , she got a award for that from i guess last year, , but this year she won entertainer of the year. on another note, im confused. reba, said this is the 45th year for this, and brooks and dunn have been here like 20 years, but anyway she said i think this is the last year. they will sing , ppl voted on the song for them to sing as there farewell song, it was" Maria", i think was the name., they also will have a tv special so i think this may be their last year, im not sure if its a tour year or whats going on, if they are splitting or retiring, goodness knows they have made enough money,, and won one award 15 times, not sure which one, but they have won them all for males at one time, i feel sure, OH and to GYPSY ur hunk Mathew M , the actor was giving out awards, he also was on last years show,

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Shucks, Rosco I missed Matthew !! he is so fine!!
I didn't watch the awards, Brooks and Dunn are splitting, don't know the reason though.
I love their music~

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I missed the show too didn't know it was on.

Carrie Underwood is a crossover artist in country and pop music on the charts. That is a great thing to do now days, it brings you more money and fame to be on 2 different billboard charts. Shes a good singer and entertainer. But I don't know it she writes her own songs. Probably not I would think. But shes done well. Shes a Members of the Grand Ole Opry too in case you didn't know. Right after she won American Idol the Grand Ole Opry staff asked her if she'd like to join. Its a huge honor and of course she accepted and said YES!. She's set for life. I like her but not her music very much, its not my style of music I like the best, but its OK. Kelly Clarkson from AI also had good success. I like her style of music better. She's had several hit songs on the pop charts and did a crossover single duet with Reba McEntire. That song did well on the charts, not sure it went to N. 1 but it did well.

On a post I made awhile back on American Idol, I'm not saying American Idol winners aren't successful, just saying the most successful artists did not come out of American idol. Artist like Madonna and Cher, and Barbra Streisand, are bigger than any American Idol winner will ever be, because they are more talented. There are many more talented names I could mention. Elvis, Beatles (all the members of the band), Ted Nugent, Pat Benatar, Rolling Stones (all the members of the band) etc..etc,, etc..

Brooks and Dunn will be back in a few years. We've all seen bands "announce" they are calling it quits and in a few years later make another Album. Its not real. Its to get ratings for there supposedly last concert. Then a few years later they act like they are getting back together again. Its a publicity stunt done many times before by other bands. I don't buy it for a moment. I'm not that gullible.

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I to like Carrie ,but not her music/singing~~ it is not my type of music either~ I don't care much for the new Country, some I do, but most I Don't LOL

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