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rosco 357



Sad story I'm sorry her boy took his life over bullying. It cruel to treat anyone like that. I was fortunate in that I was a strong big guy so nobody ever attempted to bully me. I was not "big" as in fat, but I was tall and strong, the sports type. I was also cool, and people liked me. But I seen other kids mistreated and bullied, and I never approved or took part in it. I didn't stop it either and looking back I probably should have. I should have grabbed the person (s) doing the bullying and gave them a firm warning to knock it off or else I'll smash their face in.

But I was young and looked the other way.

rosco 357

when i was at my elementary and jr high reunion, as it all was in the same school, i saw and spoke to a girl that was not nice looking in school . or now, but she was so nice at the reunion,, and she was tormented in elementary school, through the 6 grade. her mom came to school,but nothing changed, it saddens me so, as i think back. how cruel kids can be..this article was an article, but had the vid in it, the vid basically said what the article said so i just posted the vid,


I hate bullies!! I seldom use the word hate. they are the lowest form of human ever..
I was always small for my age , still am small but not as small LOL I have stepped in before when I saw bullying going on,. I sometimes got the rough end of it though, I had a fiery temper back then~still do if I get riled up enough LOL

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