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1 randon toe clippings in the yogurt of life on Tue Mar 23, 2010 12:11 am


the sunday cartoons dance in my head
they teach me simple pleasures
the artists words swirl over my bed
spilling out of opened treasures


i hear the heartbeat of shadows
pounding the ground... so to speak
do you not listen when you walk?

I hear the pounding footsteps
of ghosts that came before me
do you not pause to hear?

I hear the tears falling in the dirt
the lonely losers who travelled the path before me
I give comfort in knowing there were many before...

It is a life.. it is a journey... the path is not predisposed... the left turn is not a detour

take that chance... push that button... tell that joke...

call the reaper.. dare him to chase you... or just crank yank him

what ever you do... do it with a smile... as long as you smile.. the fates will be with you...

It is called life... perhaps you've pushed it aside... but it is there...


don't set sail if you're afraid of the ocean
but don't be afraid to help others set the sail.....


If you can claw your way out... it means you're the one who tried to bury yourself....


let me repeat myself... IF YOU HAVE ONE LIGHT... THE VALLEY IS NOT DARK... IT IS LIT


If nobody pushes the panic button.. how will I know when to scream???


the last time I tried to channel surf, I fell off the tv and broke my ankle


4 out of 5 emergency room drs. recommend playing with sharp objects in traffic


ok.. ok.. I'll count to infinity ONE more time... sheesh.. you are pushy...


I don't count my chickens before they hatch... but after they hatch.. I need to know how many to slaughter for the picnic...


they recommend leaving the knife in your stomach... fyi...


the bones are not broken while falling... so .. enjoy the ride...



did you notice I left a blank space.... don't get too close tho.. it's a silent but deadly brain fart...


I made the wind
I made the sun
I made the moon
I made the hour
I made the lemon tree pretty
I made the weeping willow weep
I made the sand
I made the cry of the whip-or-will
I made a couple of these up


2 Re: randon toe clippings in the yogurt of life on Tue Mar 23, 2010 12:31 am


Those are good Laughing

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