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Here's a new and upcoming singer and guitar player I like a lot. I downloaded her brand new album (first album) today and its fantastic. I used itunes to download the album in mp3 format. And it added it to my itunes player. Its totally awesome in my opinion. Every song is great. Shes a great guitarist not to mention a hot looking girl to boot. She's 25 years old, same age as Avril. Orianthi willl give Avril some competition on the charts no doubt. But Avril will always be my favorite, I love her and always will. I'll be keeping an eye on both of them anyway. lol

Some facts: Carlos Santana has totally endorsed her and supports her. In fact he said publically if he could hand the torch to someone else it would be her. He said (Carlos Santana) that he doesn't know how much longer he will play and preform. But if he could hand the torch to someone it would be Orianthi.

Now don't judge her entirely by the first video at the bottom of this post, however it is good, she has many more great songs that are really outstanding showing her guitar skills and vocals. Check out both videos. The second one is from her offical website. No mistaking about it, if you listen to all her songs you'll find a very tallented artist.

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