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1 Tiger Woods Speaks on Fri Feb 19, 2010 3:31 pm


Hope your Friday is off to a good start Ö

* Tiger Woods all but took a 3 iron and beat himself about the head on Friday morning in apologizing rather profusely for his poor conduct in his personal life. The raw intensity of Woodsí apology was stark; other than actually opening a vein, Iím not sure what we could expect him to do. Iím sure this episode of Woods-on-Woods assault wonít be enough for some folks, but thatís just the way it is with those who appoint themselves to sit in moral judgment of others. But if you are the type of person who wanted a strong, head-on acknowledgment from Woods that heíd behaved like a scoundrel, then I think he delivered.

* Of course, some will criticize Woods for being rehearsed and scripted or overly prepared. Thatís just the way it works. What was he supposed to do, come out there and ramble and be disorganized and fail to connect on the message he was trying to deliver? Of course he was going to be organized and prepared. Sheesh. Iíve already heard someone mention that Tiger should have cried ó though he may have gotten choked up once. But because he didnít cry, some are waving him off as a fake, because he wasnít really speaking from the heart ó so it made everything he said seem fake. Whatever. If Woods has wept openly, he would have been ripped for faking it and dismissed as a cheap actor. Thereís no way to make everyone happy. Thatís the bottom line.

* And as for the anger Woods directed at the tabloid media and other media for aggressively reporting on his family and for (according to him) falsely reporting that his wife had physically attacked him: good for Tiger. Woods is fair game. His family is not. I like it that heís firm on establishing and maintaining those boundaries. The boundaries wonít be respected, not in this crass, trash-culture society. But I respect Woodsí declaration.

* That said, Woods went a little over the top in directing comments to his wife in a public setting. She wasnít there. Whatever it is that Ms. Woods wants to hear from Mr. Woods to save their marriage Ö well, surely the most meaningful and valuable efforts to that end will occur in private, no? This was an unfortunate instance of Woods playing to the crowd instead of dealing with private matters behind closed doors, away from cameras. But maybe this is just part of his full-court press to win her back. I donít know. Like I said, itís their marriage. Iím only talking about it because he chose to discuss it publicly on Friday.

* Woods didnít owe me an apology, because I view him as a golfer, and only as a golfer. My interest in Woods has pretty much been confined to what he does in a golf tournament, especially the four majors. Iím a sinner and a flawed human being, so Iím not sure why I would venture to nominate myself as an authority on how Woods has conducted himself away from the golf course. His personal life is just that; his relationship with his wife is between them. Donít get me wrong; I donít condone Woodsí behavior. By his own account, itís been disgusting. And I sincerely hope that Woods and his wife will be successful if they make the attempt to repair their marriage. But Iíve never viewed Woods as anything more than a world-class athlete who provides entertainment.

* Woods made sure to offer ďa special apologyĒ to parents who ďpointed to meĒ as a role model for their kids. This was a nice gesture, and certainly appropriate given the purpose of Fridayís appearance. And if there are kids out there who did look up to him, then he absolutely owed them an apology. But I also hope that those who made the predictable mistake of pointing to Woods ó or any athlete ó as a role model have finally learned a lesson. Athletes are goal models. They inspire all of us with their talent, their dedication to reaching maximum athletic achievement, and their ability to handle excruciating pressure. Those qualities are great to point out to kids. The stories of how an athlete overcame adversity and persevered to reach the top of the mountain can be a source of motivation for young athletes. But Iím not sure why so many of us insist on attaching a halo to ballplayers, golfers, assorted jocks. Iím not sure why so many of us canít just accept these people for what they are ó great athletes ó and insist on casting them as great human beings, too. Iím not sure why so many parents think that athletes ó who are complete strangers ó exist to help them raise their kids.

* Along those lines, Iím glad that Woods acknowledged that he needs to be more of a gentleman on the golf course. He should be nicer to fans. He should put his attack-dog caddy on a leash. He should eliminate the cursing. Ē I need to make my behavior more respectful of the game,Ē Woods said. Thank you for saying that.

* Woods immediately got the attention of the media steroids police when he angrily denied using performance-enhancing drugs, dismissing the accusations and rumors as ďcompletely and utterly false.Ē Careful, Tiger. Donít go down that road unless you are prepared to withstand years of scrutiny and investigation and the possibility of people crawling out of holes to tell different stories about you. This will make the steroid cops dig harder to find out if thereís any dirt with Woods. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Iím just saying: a lot of these adamant denials havenít worked out so well. Just ask Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire, Alex Rodriguez, Floyd Landis, etc.

* At first I was a little surprised that Woods didnít offer a timetable for his return. But then again if Woods is serious about his therapy (for sex addiction) and if he realizes that redemption is a long and difficult process, and if his priority is to save his marriage and be there to help his kids get through this tough stretch, then golf should be way down on his list of priorities. So it makes sense to throw the golf schedule out. It actually makes Woodsí appeal for forgiveness seem more genuine.

Thanks for reading Ö


2 Re: Tiger Woods Speaks on Fri Feb 19, 2010 5:06 pm


A very good article, Tyler
hits right to the bone..

I agree, who are we to judge? we all sin and fall short.
I also agree that his family is off limits.
good for you tiger it takes a big person to admit they have fallen short,andare wrong, but a bigger person to forgive.

some people live for this trashing others. I do not, I can say this from what I have endured,I am glad those people are no longer here.

he is an excellent golfer.

I agree on this society living off the weakness and pain of others, this world has become a junk yard, with the media and a few self righteous people being the junk yard dogs!!

3 Re: Tiger Woods Speaks on Sun Feb 28, 2010 7:08 am

rosco 357

i hope he can overcome his additition, im not sure but i think i heard he was returning to the rehab after his speech but i may be wrong. i also hope if he is cured he can still have a life with his family, but his wife took a terrible shock. so we will just have to see how it goes with his wife. i have never been a tiger woods fan, nor a fan of any golfer . i dont watch golf, , so i really dont care if he can return to his golf glory. but he probably will. i dont care about the golf, he is rich enough for the rest of his life, my main thoughts are with his wife and family. that one day they can be a family again, he said it in the news conference but not in this way, he just got to big for his britches, but he knows that. he basically said it.there are ppl all over the country with problems just as horrific, but they dont get a press conference. but their lifes are just as important as his.

4 Re: Tiger Woods Speaks on Sun Feb 28, 2010 10:18 am


rosco 357 wrote:i hope he can overcome his additition,

What's that I never heard that word before "additition" ?

I'm sure you meant addiction. Just kidding I'm not the spelling police.

But I do think that word is over used. I'm supposed to believe Tiger is hooked on sex?? Good grief. He made bad choices and thats all there is to it. Just my opinion.

I refuse to excuse his actions off as an addiction.

5 Re: Tiger Woods Speaks on Sun Feb 28, 2010 4:09 pm

rosco 357

yes i made a spelling mistake,it was late i think i use spell check and just picked the wrong word lol , i only used addiction because the term sexual addiction was used on the news, and he is being treated for sexual addiction in rehab i believe, but i agree. in his case he just was so big.. and so many women at his feet. but there is that term and i think his wife said he had to do that rehab for it, but anyway, i just posted, really its not all that important to me, i never followed his career,but again i agree he just had so many opportunities he just did it . take care

6 Re: Tiger Woods Speaks on Sun Feb 28, 2010 4:44 pm


Yeah I know about the sexual addiction rehab situation with Tiger, who doesnt.. They will recommend you go to rehab for anything these days. Eating addiction's always made me laugh, I always said "you BETTER be addicted to food or you'll die from not eating" that addiction is a good thing, everyone should be addicted to food. And water. Everyone is addicted to Oxygen too, we need air. Its totally crazy what people go to rehab for. There are a million other things people like to hang the label "addiction" to. I think its a market to make doctors money and make people feel like they are sick and need rehab. So they think (and the media) it wasn't there fault because they were addicted. I think Tiger is going only to satisfy the media. It makes people think he was sick and needs help and hes trying to do something about it, when in fact it was his own choices that did him in and its not an addiction. Just my opinion.

7 Re: Tiger Woods Speaks on Mon Mar 01, 2010 2:08 am

rosco 357

i agree, it was his choices, i think the rehab was one of his wife demands is where that came from,, but i could be wrong, sexual addiction the term makes me laugh anyways, lol, i only used it because like i said the news ppl did, but i dont think he was, he just had the opportunity and took it,, take care,

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