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rosco 357

my words, as u may know the main campus is in Tuscaloosa, Al. there also is UAB in birmingham which does extensive research into medical , did alot on aids research, i have been to huntsville many times a 2 hour drive, , lots of smart ppl there, and nice subdivisions, since the marshall space flight center is there, werner von braun, from world war II who was a german rocket builder worked there for nasa,and redstone aresenal, is there, it will be intersesting why this happened,

3 Dead in Shooting at University of AlabamaUpdated: 1 hour 19 minutes ago

AP HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (Feb. 12) -- A woman opened fire during a biology faculty meeting at the University of Alabama's Huntsville campus Friday, killing three biology professors and injuring three other employees at the school, officials said.

The shooter was caught outside the Shelby Center, a science building, without incident, and no students were harmed, according to university spokesman Ray Garner. Local media reported the shooter was a faculty member, though Garner said he could not identify her. Officials said a man was also being detained.

Robin Conn, The Huntsville Times / AP
Medical workers take two shooting victims from the Shelby Center on the campus of the University of Alabama-Huntsville to an ambulance on Friday.
Police said no charges had been filed and they were interviewing the woman suspect and a man identified as "a person of interest."

University spokesman Ray Garner said the three killed were Gopi K. Podila, the chairman of the Department of Biological Sciences, and two other faculty members, Maria Ragland Davis and Adriel Johnson.

Two others are in critical condition, and a third who was wounded was upgraded to fair condition. The injured were identified as department members Luis Cruz-Vera and Joseph Leahy and staffer Stephanie Monticello. Their specific conditions were not released.

Nick Lawton, the son of a biology professor at the school, said his father was not among the victims, but he did not know much more.

Lawton, 25, was exercising when a friend phoned him to tell him about the shooting. He called his father, Robert Lawton, and found out that he was not hurt, then he let rest of his family know.

"All I know is that my father is OK," Nick Lawton told The Associated Press.

Sophomore Erin Johnson told The Huntsville Times a biology faculty meeting was under way when she heard screams coming from a conference room.

University police secured the building and students were cleared from it. There was still a heavy police presence on campus Friday night, with police tape cordoning off the main entrance to the university.

The Huntsville campus has about 7,500 students in northern Alabama, not far from the Tennessee line. The university is known for its scientific and engineering programs and often works closely with NASA.

The space agency has a research center on the school's campus, where many scientists and engineers from NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center perform Earth and space science research and development.

The university posted a message on its Web site Friday afternoon telling students the campus was closed Friday night and all students were encouraged to go home. Counselors were available to speak with students.

It's the second shooting in a week on an area campus. Last Friday, a 14-year-old student was killed in a middle school hallway in nearby Madison, allegedly by a fellow student.

"This town is unaccustomed to shootings and multiple deaths," Garner said.


So Sad//Why?? they just go off the deep end.?

nothing warrants this,,I think they have completely lost their senses/reasoning,when this happens..

rosco 357

i read somemore on this, she had a tenure problem , i think they said the students said she had a hard time getting her point across, that she thought she was better than she was, and something about her did not seem right,, she just went off at the meeting, now im not sure if the meeting involved her tenure, or her future there, but i suspect it did, but i really should not say because i dont know, take care,


I just heard on the news, this woman was involved along with husband in a bomb threat,a few years ago and also shot her brother but they ruled it as accident, now the records are missing~

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