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1 A quiz on Fri Jan 29, 2010 1:40 am


What president ran up the highest deficit in Americas History?

Why are the Republicans called conservatives when they had the highest deficits in The past 30 years??

2 Re: A quiz on Fri Jan 29, 2010 9:54 am


Good questions, I will answer by saying George Bush.

And the reason they are called "conservative" is because they don't want to 'share' there wealth. lol

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How is Reagan a fiscal conservative? He ran up the highest deficit in US history (excluding Bush)?
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seatbelt SKEPTIC asked:

can you imagine what our country would be like if we had a series of Reaganís running our country? The US would collapse. Good thing democrats like Clinton win office and balance the budget (not to mention bring peace and prosperity to our country. who cares what they do in their personal life).

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rosco 357

well all i will say is i post journalist editorials from news sights that have blogs after, but this was not that , this was a 15 person blog, i do tend to agree with number 13, but i will not argue the point, conservatism is not really about fiscal things, oh it is somewhat, but many other things, reagan did hurt the union when he fired the air traffic controllers, and gave the green light to companies to be bold on unions.. some unions take it to far, i know i was in one 20 years, but many decades back they saved ppl, when companies made u buy ur things from the companies stores, live in company housing, and abused their workers, i do think the union has taken some things to far now, the 3 new car plants here have had the chance to go union i think but they voted the union down, we almost went union, if we had i would be layed off now, they layed off another guy, that had seniority on me, but he had a bad attitude, so he got the boot, with unions u may have to keep the sorry ppl just because they were hired first, there are pros and cons, the car companies know they have to treat the ppl decent to keep them happy, the pay is not what a union worker would make but its pretty good,

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